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I am back!

Been a while, let’s see if it is going to be worth the effort to bring my blogs back up to speed.


Hello Seventh Grade!

Wow. I have made a major change and moved to Seventh grade after almost 20 years with eighth graders. I am very excited and hope that this blog can be used to help out families and extend learning for every one. Please keep tuned.

Link to Google Doc with homework

If you are having trouble getting to the Word Root Homework, please follow this link.

New Policy for 4th Quarter

Dear Parents, Students and Other Interested Parties.

As I am learning to manage a Standards Based classroom, I find I need to make adjustment to improve learning and student accountability. While Ms. Layton and I have had success with our policy about missing work and retaking assessments, too many students are still putting off retakes till the last week, or not passing even after several attempts. For these reasons I am making the following changes.

1. All make-up and retakes are to be done by the Friday of the week after the students gets the assignment back. If a student is gone for an extended period, they will need to talk with myself or Ms. Layton and make special arrangements.

2. Students will only have one chance to retake a summative assessment.

3. Retakes are at the teacher’s discretion and the student will be expected to show evidence that they have worked to learn the material before a retake is given. Our system for doing this is the Contract to Retake, just like last quarter.

4. Retakes will often be more challenging.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact me at East Middle School, 254-5020 or by E-mail Michael.warner@d51schools.org. Thank you

Michael Warner
8th Grade Science

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